Basware joins the Second Edition of the Cumbre de Directores Financieros as Silver Sponsor

Basware, the provider of electronic procurement-to-pay and invoicing solutions, joins the second edition of the Cumbre de Directores Financieros as a Silver sponsor. The event will take place on April 18, 2024, at the Torre Cepsa, Madrid.

Basware is how finance leaders in global enterprises can finally automate their complex and labor-intensive invoice processes. Our Accounts Payable automation and invoicing platforms help you achieve a new level of efficiency – in a matter of months – while reducing errors and risks.

That’s why the world’s most efficient financial departments, at brands such as HP, Mercedes-Benz, and DHL, rely on Basware to handle over 240 million invoices per year.  And it’s how they’re seeing such great results, like processing 90% of invoices totally touchless.

Basware’s solutions help CFOs to:

  • Speed up the invoices processing, decrease the time taken to make invoice payments and optimize your accounting resource allocation
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with a unique global partner to comply with the next electronic invoicing regulation in Spain, described within the «Crea y Crece» law, but also with all the current mandates across the globe.
  • Provide you full visibility with advanced analytics for real-time financial insights. 
  • Accelerate finance processes digitalization (via AI/ML) and free up times for teams to focus on higher value-added services.
  • Optimize cash flow and support revenue generation – achieve the right balance between reducing DSO, increasing DPO and improving discount management.

The second edition of the Cumbre de Directores Financieros will take place in Madrid on April 18, 2024, at the Torre Cepsa. Its main objective is to promote effective financial management in organizations, facilitate the exchange of best practices, and provide a networking space for top financial executives.

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